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RTS330 series employs endless drives eliminating steps and trigger key so that user does not loses sight of object. It is an ideal tool for surveying application.
  • Horizontal and vertical endless drives are applied on RTS330 series, users can collimate target faster with two hands operation.
  • There is a trigger key mounted on the side of the instrument, user do not lose sight of the target while measuring; this is particularly important when a lot of points need to be measured.
  • Multiple data interface such as SD card, mini USB or RS-232C connection are available.
  • 500m-1000m long range Bluetooth cable-free connection offers solution of semi-automatic data collection. Reflectorless measuring distance reaches to 500m(R500) or 1000m(R1000) while maintaining the high precision of 2mm+2ppm.
  • On board software and application programs simplify and speed up work in the field. The user is guided through the routines by clear menus and measurement prompts.
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