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Product Overview
Precison, featherweight, rugged & economical - defines Janak range of levels. Upto 0.3 mm accuracy makes them an industry leader.
Select the right product for your needs:
JL-2 Series - robust & long lasting
JL-2 series Auto levels are made for highest precision and robust structure. The feather weight levels come in 3 models: -20; -24; -32 with 20x, 24x, 32x magnification respectively. We supply with the complete set of high-quality tripod and levelling staff. Comes with 2 years warranty.
AL-1 Series - simple & sleek
AL-1 series of Levels have been designed and built to provide performance with simplicity, whatever the application. A sleek ergonomic design, combined with robust construction, ensure they can withstand the harsh conditions of today's building and construction works. Can be used in 3rd and 4th order levelling.
DSZ Series
DSZ series levels are adopted for stability in extreme temperature areas. It can be equipped with a micrometer.
Precision Level: DS03
Engineering grade leveling precision of 0.3mm can be achieved for application in fields demanding high precision.
Precision Level: DS05
Precision level equipped with PentaPrism for circular level and parallel plate micrometer for precision upto 0.5mm.
Digital Level: EL300 Series
One-button digital level delivering precision upto 0.7mm in even less than half time while minimizing human error. Pre installed application programs even further enhances efficiency.
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